En una feria libre de una población, vemos unos barrenderos que limpian la basura del día, luego una mujer recoge sobras de frutas y verduras y los guarda en un carro de  supermercado. Después, aparecen las manos de un hombre que encuentra entre la basura, un pinche con forma de mariposa, lo limpia sutilmente y se imagina regalándoselo a la mujer que ama.
De ahí nace El rey de San Gregorio, de lo marginal, de lo desechable, de la precariedad humana, y es ahí donde Pedro Vargas, un discapacitado físico y mental, mira la belleza, mira el romanticismo.
A mi me interesa mostrar el universo de una pareja de discapacitados, como ellos viven su amor, su sexualidad, sus miedos y frustraciones por no contar con el apoyo de sus familias. Y en este punto, pongo especial énfasis en la humanidad de una madre y de una hermana, en su actuar, en su soledad, en su discapacidad.
2007 Milán (Italia) : Mejor Largometraje
El Rey de San Gregorio
This is a film that helps us overcome the concept of diversity, showing the tragic love story between two young disabled  people with great naturalness and extraordinary acting.
2006 Viña del Mar (Chile) : Mejor actriz
2007 Pedro Sienna (Chile): premio Especial del jurado
2007 Fundación Fututro  (Chile): Premio Ciudad Positiva

El Rey de San Gregorio
The king of San Gregorio


Company: Allegro Films
Director: Alfonso Gazitúa
Production: Christian Olguín
Script: Alfonso Gazitúa y Christian Morales
Director of Photography: Alvaro Cortés
Sound: Miguel Hormazábal
Music: Edgardo Cantón A.
Editor: Soledad Salfate
Format: 35mm./color
Duration: 85 min.
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish
Pedro Vargas: Pedro
María José Parga: Cati
Gloria Münchmeyer: Sra. María
Andrés Rillon: Juan
Giselle Demelchiore: Marta
José Soza: Driver



“The King of San Gregorio” is a story about a pure and simple love. The film talks about the life of Pedro Vargas – who plays himself – a 30 years-old man living in the slum of San Gregorio and presents a physical handicap and a certain grade of mental disability. Nevertheless, none of these factors will stop him from being the protagonist of this beautiful love story with his “princess” Cati, a girl who has a severe mental disability.

As any other romantic drama, there are antagonists who do not approve this love. Pedro’s mother, María (Gloria Münchmeyer) is hard to accept that her man-son is in love and she is even willing to prevent the relationship. Besides, the frustrated sister of the female protagonist, Marta (Giselle Demelchiore), fears the sexual arouse of Cati, interfering in her relation with Pedro.

Nevertheless, Pedro struggles for being with his princess, entrusting to God and to the wise advices of Juan (Andrés Rillon), an old man who teaches him how to believe in love.


Pedro Vargas - Chief Character
Known as “the King” in San Gregorio hood, Pedro Vargas is a 30 years-old man, who presents a certain grade of physical and mental handicap. Nevertheless, he is a very sensitive, romantic and optimistic person. 
He strongly wishes to live the intense love he feels for his princess Cati, in a place beyond clouds.

    Cati, the princess – (María José Parga)
She is Pedro’s sweetheart. She is a very beautiful green-eyed girl of a naïve aspect. She is 28, but looks younger since she is especially delicate. 
She presents a severe handicap, because of a poliomyelitis she underwent when she was 3. Due to this illness, she nearly can’t speak and when she does, she uses very short words. She is always laughing and it seems she is always thinking about another thing. 
The only thing she wants is to be with Pedro and when her sister forbids it, she cries and has violent attacks of nerves.
She has a kind of obsession with the Dorothy, the character of the “Wizard of Oz”

María – (Gloria Münchmeyer) 
Explosive and melancholic, María - Pedro´s mother and his main antagonist - is a 64 years -old widow who works as a domestic servant. Her strong black eyes are her most outstanding feature.
She is very over-protective with Pedro, not only due to his handicap, but also because he is her only child. In this context, María emphatically objects his son´s relationship with Cati.

Juan – (Andrés Rillón)
He is Pedro’s mentor and he is the one who will help Pedro to achieve his goal of being with Cati. 
He is 73, bald, with a neglected face and he moves in a noisy and old wheelchair. 
He is hypochondriac and has an ironic sense of humor.

Taxi driver – José Sosa
He represents the eyes showing us San Gregorio hood. His son, Rodrigo is his main concern. 


San Sebastian
Viña del Mar  Best actrice

Buenos Aires
Milan  Best Film
Santiago  Jury Special Price
The Hague